Services & Specialties

I work with girls/women of all ages, offering emotional support, insight, and coping skills to help people proceed in an adaptive life direction.  I treat PTSD with EMDR, an empirically supported treatment for trauma.  I use CBT tools from the Feeling Good therapy model developed by Dr. David Burns to help people overcome distorted thinking that is contributing to their depression, addiction, and/or anxiety.  

I specialize in treating adolescent girls and young women.  It is powerful to intervene early on in life, while a person is still flexible, to teach skills of emotional intelligence, self awareness, and compassion for oneself.  With teens, the authentic relationship we establish together is the basis for healing and facilitates new ways of relating to themselves and others.  Adolescents tend to find me easy to relate to and connect with.  I enjoy teaching youth how to love and accept themselves and harness their inner awesomeness.  


 Treatment Approach:


Client Population:


Gender: All

Ethnicity: Any

Religious Orientation: Any

Sexuality: LGBTQ Friendly





Areas of Clinical Focus: